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Front End Engineer

Photo Gallery

Build a Pinterest style web page that displays information from the following API endpoint.


The endpoint accepts an offset url parameter and returns a list of items sorted by the crawled_time field.



  • The page should work and look good on popular desktop browsers.
  • The page should allow users view all items behind the endpoint. That is, not just one page, but all items accessible by changing the offset parameter. The standard interface solution for this is pagination (displaying items in pages).
  • The page should be available online via a URL. We do not deploy and host your code.

Extra Score

  • Infinite-scroll: Let users view more items by just scrolling.To see an example, visit here and scroll to the end of the page. Notice how more items are loaded automatically.
  • Mobile Web: Make sure your page works and looks good on popular mobile browsers.
  • Client-side Search: Add a serach feature that filters items based on data in the description field of each item. Search only needs to work on the items loaded so far.


Please send email to people@310.ai with the URL